Across the globe, women are sold for the purpose of marriage at an alarming rate. Ingrained traditions and cultural norms commonly entrench early marriages for ladies, who suffer disproportionately from the implications of their decisions, which have long lasting ramifications for health, education, monetary well-being and children’s long term. The gender imbalance caused by China’s One-Child Policy and long-held daughter preference contributes to this discrepancy, leading bride price to the “marriage squeeze” in rural locations where there are fewer women than men, rendering it all the more important for families to find ideal matches for their children.

Regardless of whether families know about the scale of bride prices, their daughters’ physiques become commodities which can be bought and sold in order to meet familial requires. Privately, families cite the requirement to get money for daughters mainly because insurance against an disloyal hubby or so as to guarantee a secure forthcoming for them and the offspring.

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Meanwhile, the high woman prices magnify a ingrained patrilocal custom that commoditises women seeing that transferable familial properties, when evident in the famous expressing: “marrying away a girl is a lot like pouring drinking water out of a jug. ” In this framework, it seems unavoidable that the extended ignorance and demeaning of women’s multiple contributions to career and family unit will unavoidably influence upcoming generations of Chinese women’s existence choices. So the cycle continues.